Korean media: satirical text in the big newspapers flooding the university campus

Recently, the South Korean President Wen’s large-character poster described as “king” was posted on more than 100 university campuses in South Korea. The big-character newspaper called him the economic king, the hiring king and the sun king. The main policy of the government.

South Korea’s “Korean Daily” reported today that since December 8th, the “Wen Yu Yu Wang Series” posters posted on the campuses of Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Busan University have been led by the miraculous income of carriages. The beginning of the “Emperor Wang Wen is in the shackles”, a series of satirical texts on the main policy of the government.

The report pointed out that the content of the “Emperor Wang Wenzhao” big-character newspaper accused “1.33 million unemployed people to the highest level since the foreign exchange crisis”, “the minimum hourly wage of 8350 won (about NT$228) makes small businessmen bankrupt, part-time Life is always unemployed.”

The “Sun Wang Wen is in the 寅” big-character poster criticizes the government’s nuclear power policy. “It is a soul to go to nuclear power in the country and sell nuclear power in the Czech Republic.”

According to the report, the big-character newspaper also criticized the government’s personnel policy of “only allowing state officials to set fire and not allowing the people to light up.” There are also criticisms in the field of diplomacy and security.

The “Drawing Wang Wen is in the shackles” slogan condemned the government’s policy toward North Korea, saying that “there are only generous leaders who want to donate the country” and “interrupted the joint military exercises between the ROK and the United States to relax the sanctions without denuclearization.” In addition, the “Democratic Wang Wen is in the 寅” big-character newspaper pointed out: “The 10 meals I visited in China were eaten by myself. The reason was to experience civilian life.”

The report pointed out that these big-character posters were posted by a group called “All-China Association”. The name of the group was taken from the student sports group of the 1980s, the All-China Association (National University Student Representatives Association). The “All-American Association” Facebook, which was founded on December 6, has more than 1,000 followers as of the 17th. Jin’s university student (25 years old) who set up the website said in a telephone interview: “It’s very depressing to feel that the president and the government are indifferent to the suffering of the 20-something youth after retiring from the army.” “With 5 friends I planned the contents of the big-character poster and rented a car to post to each university.”

Regarding the name of the group, the university student named Jin said: “The purpose is to satirize the person from the National Association who is in the government.”

The report pointed out that after the derailment of the Korean high-speed rail (KTX), Wu Yongzhi, president of the Korean Railway Corporation, who was accused of “parachute personnel”, the National Intelligence Dean, Xu Jing, the Minister of National Defense Zheng Jingdou, and the secretary of the Qingwatai secretary (the chief of staff), Zhong Rong, both once He has served as the speaker of the All-China Association of Students of the School of Education (National College Student Representatives Association).

In July 1989, Ren Zhongyi served as the head of the Grand Council, and the secret female student Lin Xiuqing attended the 13th World Youth Student Festival held in Pyongyang. Under the arrangement of the North Korean authorities, Lin Xiuqing boarded the Baitou Mountain (Changbai Mountain) and launched a The series celebrates the activities of the North Korean system and is labeled as the “Flower of Unity” by North Korea.

According to the report, the vast majority of the “Wen in the King” poster was classified as “unapproved poster” and was taken down by the university, or covered by other posters as time passed. Kim said: “When I first started posting, I thought I would be immediately removed, but I would still be embarrassed, but I unexpectedly received a lot of support.”

According to the report, Han Kui-yu, a professor of media information at Seoul National University, said: “In the recent opinion polls, the support rate of 20 to 29 years old (for President Wen’s administration), especially for men, has dropped significantly.” And pointed out that this is a concrete manifestation of the public’s dissatisfaction with the government’s occlusion.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201812180096.aspx