Russian President Putin’s trust plunged to a record low in 13 years

According to the Russian Center for Public Opinion Research, the public’s trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin fell to its lowest point in 13 years, which was a setback for the Kremlin, which actively improved the image of Putin.

A poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre found that the public’s trust in Putin fell to 33.4%, the lowest since 2006.

Putin won an overwhelming victory in March last year and won a new six-year presidency. The results of this poll will not immediately bring trouble to Putin, but may encourage potential successors to start a long struggle for the president.

Pu Ting’s overall support rate is more than 60%, still quite high, and the results of trust are very different.

Under the public’s decline in family income, the government’s rising retirement age and VAT complaints, Putin’s support has fallen from nearly 90% of the peak.

After Russia annexed Crimea, which was originally part of Ukrainian territory, in 2014, PuTing’s trust in July 2015 was as high as 71%.

On the eve of the presidential election last year, trust came to 55.3%. After 3 months, his trust fell sharply to 38.3%, and at the end of 2018 he came to 36.5%.

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