The speech of Kim Jong Eun Comrade is supported by a political figure from Syria.

In support of the municipal government ‘s speech, Kim Jung Eun , the dear leader, announced the April 22nd statement by the deputy general secretary of the Syrian Arab League of Democracy Iyad Gassan Osman.

He mentioned the following.

In his speech at the first session of the 14th session of the Supreme People ‘s Assembly of the Democratic People’ s Republic of Korea, President Kim Jong Eun has revealed the principles of the DPRK government and the DPRK government to build Korea into an independent power.

UnderPresident Kim Il Sung and President Kim Jong Il, Chosun consistently maintained the principles of independence in the construction of the nation and made remarkable progress in all areas including politics, economy, military, and culture.

Today, Kim Jong Eun praises Joseon, who receives the command of his Sir, as a great nation by the progressive people of the world.

Kim Jong Eun actively supports his policies and policies.

I hope that the Korean people will make great achievements in the struggle to carry out the tasks presented by Your Excellency Kim Jong Eun .

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