Publications of Kim Jong Il’s comrades in Russia

Great Leader Kim Il-sung around the Great Leader in the death of 25 anniversary of Comrade Kim Jong Il , which are rojak comrades, “the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, Comrade gyesinda forever with our people,” “the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, the chair height linen comrades as a permanent annotation of our republic,” rossiya Published in Khabarovsk, Dagang Publishing Company as a monograph.

The work entitled “Great Leader Kim Il Sung with his people forever ” published on February 11, Juche 85 (1996), states that July 8, when Kim Il Sung ‘s death was the nation’s greatest remembrance day, It is revealed that it is the most sublime moral virtue and steadfast will of the entire Korean people and the progressive humanity who want to raise forever as the parents of all peoples with the great succession of feats.

On July 11th and 19th, Juche 83 (1994), titled “The Great Order of the Comrade Kim Il Sung as the eternal remarks of our republic”, Kim Il Sung Comrade, And the work that is carried out in the process of succession and development in the brilliance.

The issue was published on the 4th. (End)

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