New problems keep Boeing 737 MAX afraid to stop flying to next year

The “Wall Street Journal” quoted people familiar with the matter today as saying that the Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft may have been grounded until early next year; Boeing only privately provided customer solutions last month because of software problems.

The newspaper quoted the unnamed US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) insiders and pilot union leaders as saying that according to the “latest possible situation,” the 737 MAX series will not wait until January 2020 to start a go-around, but the whole dynamic is always ready. Will change without any fixed timetable.

After two air crashes took 346 lives in more than five months, the Fei’an units in various countries ordered the suspension of this Boeing’s latest 737 series aircraft. After the Boeing Company asked the FAA to test a problem that would theoretically cause the flight control computer to fail, the FAA found a new software flaw on the 26th of last month.

US airlines have previously stated that once the global grounding order is lifted, it will take several weeks to prepare for these aircraft to resume commercial operations and train in response to the pilot.

According to another person familiar with the matter, the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) recently requested Boeing to handle five key items before the 737 MAX series go-around, one of which was the autonomous driving function that was not previously noticed. EASA has sent a list of improvements to the FAA and Boeing.

EASA’s list includes a number of previously known issues, such as the difficulty of the pilot operating a manual trim wheel, the MAX series of angle sensors being not reliable enough, the lack of training by the pilot, and the FAA’s finding, blaming the bad The latest software issues with the processor. However, EASA listed that the on-board autopilot could not be lifted in some specific emergency situations and had not been notified before.

EASA found that the on-board autopilot of the MAX series sometimes could not be lifted smoothly, and the pilot could not have enough time to take over the aircraft before the airplane stalled.

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