The horn calls the deer to see the deer group flying to the unique event in Nara, Japan.

Nara, Japan, will hold a unique “Crypt Calling Deer” every summer and winter, and use the horn to let the deer in the scattered parks fly around. This summer, the field debuted after the horn of the horn in the summer, attracting many visitors to come and interact with the deer.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that in order to attract tourists to visit Nara Park, the “Crypt Calling Deer” event will be held every summer and winter.

At 9:30 am Japan time yesterday, members of the folk groups dedicated to protecting the deer group blew the horn in the large square called “Flying Fire Field” in Nara Park. It can be seen that the deer only ran out of the woods and gathered. To the horn of the hand.

Yesterday, the melody of the melody of the horns was chosen to be in line with the on-site artistic conception of Beethoven’s famous symphony No. 6 in the F major.

This summer, the first “Crypt Calling Deer” gathered more than 70 deer and ate the favorite oak fruit with relish. Many tourists who come here are happy to take photos with the deer while feeding deer to eat deer cakes.

Female tourists who came to visit Okayama, Japan, said that it was a shock to see so many deer gathered for the first time. “The momentum is amazing.”

According to the official website of the Nara City Tourism Association, this activity began in 1892 and is the only fun festival in Nara that is unique to the world.

The deer in Nara Park usually live in small groups, but when the “horns call the deer”, these deer will run from all directions to the horns and squeeze together to eat the oak fruit.

Throughout the whole process, the teacher of Nara’s Deer Love Club introduced the deer story and ecology of Nara, and then played the music with the French number. The deer who heard the music would run from all over, and the teacher then divided the prepared oak fruit. Give the deer to eat, and finally let the people take photos with the deer.

Such a “Crypt Calling Deer” activity takes about 15 minutes, and every Sunday before September 22, there is one at 9:30 am. There is no need to register for the event.

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