Time magazine’s 25 major Internet influences the characters in the port to send the demonstrators to the list

The United States “Time Magazine” (Time) announced the 25 most influential Internet characters this year , the world’s most prominent “Hong Kong anti-delivery demonstrators” among them, other listed figures also Including the US President Trump, the South Korean Idol Heavenly Group Bulletproof Youth League.

“Time Magazine” pointed out that the demonstrations of Hong Kong people defending freedom and opposing the government’s push to amend the fugitive offenders were unmanned movements. Without organization, demonstrators used the online community platform LIHKG (Lian Deng) to discuss Zone, as well as encrypted communication software Telegram interoperability information, while also maintaining anonymity.

Through these online platforms, Hong Kong demonstrators have launched a series of protests, including gatherings at foreign consulates in Hong Kong and surrounding police headquarters. A Telegram channel leader who participated in the demonstration told Time magazine that the whole process is more like “direct democracy.”

Other matters of the anti-delivery demonstrations were also coordinated on the Internet platform, including forwarding upcoming protest reminders, sharing legal aid information, and recently the level of consultation services and public sentiment.

Trump’s online activities have been increasingly active over the past year. In particular, this year, Trump criticized the Internet before the special prosecutor Robert Mueller colluded with Russia against the Trump camp and intervened in the US-investigation of the US presidential election in 2016.

Trump’s tweets on Twitter have often become the focus of TV news and online reporting, becoming a keyword for people searching on Google, and also making the political influence of political opponents seem to be dwarfed by him.

The South Korean Idol Heavenly Group Bulletproof Youth Group (BTS), through fans called ARMY, is keen on online consumption and promoting the performance of BTS, which has made BTS a household name. The three albums they launched this year also topped the Billboard 200 album.

On the list of the 25 most influential online figures, notable is New York State Newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her Twitter account has 4.8 million followers, more than most members of Congress. She is the youngest female congressman in American history.

Other online influence figures include rapper Lil Nas X, Rahaf Mohammed, singer who sought refuge from domestic violence, and singer Ariana Grande, “Strike for the climate.” Student movement, retired soldier Brian Kolfage, Prince Harry and Megan of the United Kingdom, Chris Godfrey, head of the British advertising company The & Partnership, which publishes “world_record_egg”, etc. people.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/firstnews/201907170063.aspx