Deep-sea and wind and rain damage prevention business in Chosun

There has been a struggle for preventing the damage caused by big things and wind and rain in Korea.

Hundreds of reservoirs, river banks, 370 kilometers of drainage and irrigation and drainage facilities were repaired and upgraded over 35,000 meters of coastal dike throughout the country.

The workers and farm workers in Zhengzhou City, Tilan County, North Pyongan Province, concentrated on the drainage water dispensers and provided spare parts for the spare parts.

In South Hwanghae Province, the status of the drainage gate, drainage gate, and watertight doors were identified, and more than 90 dangerous points were eradicated in time. After completion of repair and maintenance of thousands of pumping facilities, many sections were drilled and reinforced.

In South Pyongan Province, repair of 30 rivers and river banks were completed, and the completion of repair of drainage water pumping stations and other facilities was completed.

Workers in northern Hwanghae proved to be able to eradicate hundreds of irrigation facilities and dangers of drainage structures, as well as tortoises and ditches.

In the rural areas of South Gyeongsang province and Gangwon province, the water from the valleys is kept in the rice paddies so that drainage management can be carried out regularly and the drainage and pumping facilities are ready to go.

In the cooperative farms of Pyongyang City and Nampo City, rice paddies and water drip irrigation were stalled to prevent crops from suffering small damage.

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