Mexico strengthens immigration law enforcement

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Mike Pompeo) today for Mexico to strengthen immigration law enforcement, thank the Mexican Foreign Minister. Pompeo said that this move has led to a decline in the number of immigrants entering the United States.

Pompeo and the Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard met this time, which shows that the US-Mexico relationship has eased a lot from the beginning of June. US President Trump stressed at the time that unless Mexico takes effective measures to slow down the tide of immigration, the United States will impose high new tariffs on this southern neighbor.

In an agreement reached with the United States in June, Mexico promised to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Central America from entering the United States before July 22, avoiding the punitive tariffs imposed by Trump on Mexican exports to the United States.

If the United States believes that Mexico is not enough to stop illegal immigration, the United States and Mexico will begin negotiations on changing the rules so that most asylum seekers can apply to Mexico instead of the United States.

According to Eberrat, given Mexico’s progress, there is no need to conduct any type of negotiation on the “safe country 3rd country agreement between the United States and Mexico”.

Pompeo launched a trip to four Latin American countries, first visiting Argentina and Ecuador, and today met with Herbert in Mexico City before heading to El Salvador.

The US State Department said: “The Secretary of State, Pompeo, expressed his gratitude to Mexico’s Foreign Minister Eberrat for his efforts to strengthen immigration enforcement in Mexico.”

Pompeo said in El Salvador that Mexico has “real progress” in managing immigration.

He held a press conference in San Salvador: “The numbers are beautiful… The worries of our southern border have now diminished, but we still have a long way to go, and much work remains to be done.”

As the immigration crisis intensified, US and Mexican officials began talks in Washington on June 7. In the statement, the Mexican authorities said that Pompeo acknowledged that Mexico has made “significant progress” in slowing down immigration.

According to the statement, Eberrat said at the meeting today that Mexico “will maintain its strategy for the next 45 days to ensure orderly, safe and normal migration flows.”

According to official Mexican data, the number of immigrants from Central American countries to Mexico has dropped from 144,000 in May to 100,000 in June.

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