Korean police concentrated on arresting more than a thousand people in international crimes

South Korean police recently arrested 1,089 people, including 237 people, through centralized control of illegal international immigration, drugs and other crimes. In addition, 57 members of international criminal organizations were arrested and 43 of them were detained.

South Korea media Asia Today reported that the police said on the 17th that from March 4 to July 12 this year, the police imposed a four-month centralized control over international crimes and achieved the above results.

According to the report, in terms of the type of crime, among the 557 total control items, the number of illegal immigration items was the highest, reaching 352, accounting for 63.2% of the total number of controls. Subsequently, there were 186 international drugs, 17 international criminal organizations, and 2 sexual crimes.

Among the 1,089 people arrested through this centralized control, the total number of foreigners is 794, and the total number of Koreans is 295. Among foreigners, 91.4% are from Asian countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, and China.

In addition, international drug traffickers arrested a total of 330 people, of whom 140 were detained. From the perspective of the types of drugs, yaba (Yaba, also known as mad drugs), ice (methyl amphetamine) and other drugs, accounting for 76.7%.

According to the report, drugs are mainly brought into South Korea through international postal or parcels and pipes. After the drugs are hidden in the MRT subway storage compartments, the purchasers are notified to take them. This kind of “throwing poison” is very popular.

In addition, there have recently been new methods of smoking after adding drugs to e-cigarette solutions.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907240060.aspx