Southern Syria was attacked by missiles suspected of being launched from Israel

The War Supervision Organization said that southern Syria was attacked by several missiles today, believed to be launched by Israel and locked in military positions controlled by the Syrian government or its allies.

The Syrian state-run television station also mentioned “Israel violations.”

The UK-based “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” said that the area near the Golan Heights in southern Syria was attacked by “missile missiles, possibly Israeli missiles.” The Golan Heights is an Israeli occupation and annexation area.

The missiles lock the Tall al-Hara district of Daraha, the southern capital of Damascus, and the Quneitrathe neighbourhood.

Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Human Rights Watchtower, said: “The Syrian regime has launched air defense to defend itself.” The Human Rights Observatory said that there were “life-related casualties,” but did not say much detail.

The Syrian state-run television station “Ikhbariya” reported no details, only that the air strike locked Tel Haraa. Tel Haraa used to be the outpost of the Russian troops for a long time, but was later captured by the militia supported by Israel.

After the conflict between Israel and Syria in 2011, Israel locked in loyalty to Syrian President Bashar. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian allies Iran and Hezbollah troops launched hundreds of air strikes in Syria.

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