Refueling problems delayed hundreds of flights on several hundred people trapped in Amsterdam Airport

European aviation hub, Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport (Schiphol Airport) in the Netherlands today due to problems with refueling operations, landing operations were greatly affected, resulting in hundreds of flight delays, up to thousands Passengers entering and leaving the airport.

Agence France-Presse reported that airport spokesperson Willemeike Koster said: “Aircraft Fuel Supply, a third-party company that controls aircraft fuel replenishment, is currently experiencing problems with the system, which means that the aircraft is currently unable to refuel, causing delays.”

She said that the company did not provide the exact cause of the problem, but “not related to the heat wave.”

Gilze-Rijen, a town in the south of the Netherlands, has a high temperature of 38.8 degrees Celsius today, setting a record for the Netherlands.

The Associated Press reported that Coster said that the problem with refueling operations resulted in the cancellation of 180 flights, resulting in a large number of passengers stranded in Dan Schip and other airports.

Although it is not clear that the flight is delayed and the exact number of passengers affected is cancelled, the spokesman said that the number is thousands. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that thousands of passengers were trapped and many said they were in a mess.

Netizen @somer_berk uploaded the scene of the overcrowding at the Schiphol Airport terminal on Twitter.

The authorities first discovered the problem shortly after noon and finally got it resolved in a few hours. Schiphol Airport announced at around 10 pm that it had restarted the fuel delivery system, and the aircraft began to resume normal takeoff and landing after refueling.

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