US Sales Taiwan F-16V Rep.: Congress is expected to receive notification soon

The United States Federal House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican Chief Member McCall, who voted for the “diplomatician” today, said that Congress is expected to receive official approval from the executive authorities for the sale of F-16V fighters to Taiwan. Notice that he will support him by then.

The U.S. administration officially notified the U.S. Congress on the 9th and approved two “Foreign Military Sales” against Taiwan, namely the M1A2T Eblan and the portable needle-piercing anti-aircraft missiles and related equipment and support. 2.2 billion US dollars.

Michael McCaul’s “The Diplomat” pointed out that Taiwan is a staunch ally of the United States and is currently facing the most direct threat of the CCP, which is increasingly aggressive. However, Taiwan will not face this threat alone. Eliot Engel, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, and his joint efforts to approve the sale of $2.2 billion worth of weapons to Taiwan will send a clear message to China: “Do not provoke Taiwan.”

McCall pointed out that the Chinese military has more than 2 million troops and Taiwan has about 275,000. To narrow this gap, the United States assists the Taiwan military with the same equipment used by its military, allies, and partners around the world. Taiwan’s defense equipment should not be lower than the opponents that may be encountered. For this reason, he expects that Congress will soon receive a notice from the administration that it will sell the F-16V fighter to Taiwan, and he will support it.

He also pointed out that Congress agreed that arms sales to Taiwan are only a small part of Taiwan’s support. The Taiwan Relations Law has expired 40 years this year. This historic legislation has laid an unshakable foundation for US-Taiwan relations. The House of Representatives also passed the “Taiwan Assurance Act” proposed by him. Engel also proposed a resolution to reaffirm his commitment to Taiwan. These bills send a direct message to Beijing that the United States will continue to strengthen its relations with Taiwan without fear of intimidation.

McCall also mentioned that what annoys China is that he and Engel led the inter-party parliamentarians to New York to meet with the transiting President Tsai Ing-wen, exchange views on bilateral relations, and explore ways to strengthen cooperation to ensure peace in the Indo-Pacific region. Stability and prosperity. He believes that the US and Taiwan should start negotiations on trade, resolve long-standing market access issues, and make bilateral relations more mutually beneficial.

McCall pointed out that Taiwan’s democracy is a threat to the CCP because it proves that there is a better way in the shadow of the CCP’s authoritarianism. When China tries to challenge the determination of the people of Taiwan who love freedom, the American people will not stand idly by. Taiwan is a democratic beacon of respect for human rights and the rule of law. The commitment to Taiwan will never become an issue for discussion with China.

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