North Korea provokes the Korean-US joint army command: does not affect the joint defense situation

South Korea and the United States Army Command said today that North Korea’s short-range ballistic missiles launched yesterday did not pose a direct threat to South Korea or the United States and would not affect the joint defense situation between South Korea and the United States.

South Korea’s joint news agency reported that the South Korea-US Joint Command issued a position today on North Korea’s test-fire missiles, stating that the South Korea-US Joint Command and the US military headquarters in South Korea are aware that North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday. “We think North Korea is here. Test a new short-range missile.”

The report pointed out that the range of North Korea’s missile launches covered the entire territory of South Korea and the maritime reinforcements deployed by the United States to the Korean peninsula.

South Korea’s contract staff headquarters said on the 25th that North Korea fired a short-range missile from the vicinity of Yuanshan City, Gangwon-do at 5:34 am and 5:57 am. The first missile flew 430 kilometers and the second range was more than 690 kilometers. .

The Standing Committee of the National Security Council (NSC) of Qingwatai met on the 25th to identify the unidentified launchers launched by North Korea as new short-range ballistic missiles.

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