South Korea and Japan trade reciprocal shouting

Japan decided on the 2nd to kick South Korea out of the “white list” for trade preferences. South Korean President Wen’s reply is to remove Japan from the white list of trusted trading partners. The trade war between Japan and South Korea has warmed up, and relations between the two countries have fallen into the most difficult situation since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” pointed out today on the front page that the relationship between South Korea and Japan is facing a broken situation and has fallen into the most difficult period since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1965.

The Japanese government held a cabinet meeting on the morning of the 2nd to exclude South Korea from the export trade management order amendments outside the “white list.” The new regulations will be announced on the 7th and will be implemented from the 28th.

Therefore, when Japanese companies export machine tools, carbon fiber, and other strategic materials that may be used for military purposes to South Korea, they must obtain permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. For Korean companies, the process of procuring the relevant raw materials into Japan will be lengthened and the uncertainty will increase.

Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Shiguro Hiroyuki said on the 2nd: “The decision of the cabinet meeting is due to the inadequate export management system and application of South Korea, which is to better implement export management.”

After Japan made the aforementioned decision, Wen Zai was not willing to show weakness. When he hosted the emergency state conference on the afternoon of the 2nd, he said: “I clearly warned Japan that the responsibility for the future will be entirely in the Japanese government. We will not lose to Japan again. Today’s The Republic of Korea is not the Republic of Korea in the past.”

Wen Zai also warned: “We will not sit idly by for the arrogant thief’s thief in Japan,” “We will resolutely take corresponding measures to deal with Japan’s improper economic retaliation. We have a response plan. “

The report pointed out that South Korean Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning and Finance, Hong Nanji, also said: “We will also exclude Japan from the “white country” and take steps to strengthen export management”, “planning from tourism, food, waste and other fields. Start to strengthen security measures.”

In addition, the South Korean government decided to take tough measures against Japan while also seeking possible diplomatic solutions. The Foreign Ministers of the three countries of Korea, the United States and Japan met for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand on the morning of the 2nd and discussed issues such as the contradiction between Korea and Japan.

A relevant official of the South Korean government said: “There is still about three weeks to implement the “white list” in Japan (28th). The possibility of breaking the deadlock still exists.”

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