UN report: North Korean net attack steals $2 billion to develop weapons of mass destruction

Reuters reported today that the United Nations confidential report pointed out that North Korea used “widespread and increasingly sophisticated” network attacks to steal bank and cryptocurrency exchanges, the amount estimated to be 2 billion US dollars, and The money was invested in a weapons of mass destruction program.

Independent experts who monitored North Korea’s compliance with the norms over the past six months submitted a report to the UN Security Council North Korea Sanctions Committee last week. The report pointed out that North Korea also “continues to strengthen the nuclear and missile program, but did not test or launch the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).”

The group said that North Korea is using cyberspace to launch increasingly sophisticated attacks, stealing money from financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges to increase revenue. The report said that they also use Internet space to launder money.

The report said: “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korean official country name) network actor has many operations under the direction of the Reconnaissance General Bureau, raising money for weapons of mass destruction programs, and the total income estimate so far It is worth 2 billion U.S. dollars (about NT$63.77 billion). The Reconnaissance General Administration is the highest military unit in North Korea.

The group of UN experts also said that North Korea attacks cryptocurrency exchanges. This way of increasing revenue is harder to track, and the government supervision and regulation is less than that of traditional banking.

The UN report was completed before North Korea tested the missile last week, but also pointed out that “the missile test in May and July will improve the overall ballistic missile capability.”

The UN experts said that despite various diplomatic efforts, their investigations showed that North Korea continued to violate UN sanctions, such as North Korea’s continued illegal ship-to-ship transfer and the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction-related items and luxury goods.

The North Korean Mission to the United Nations did not respond to requests for comment on this report.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/firstnews/201908060026.aspx