Trump impeachment investigates White House lawyers claiming unconstitutional refusal to cooperate

The Central White House today boycotted the impeachment investigation launched by the Democrats in the Federal House of Representatives, saying that the investigation was “unconstitutional,” saying that the White House would refuse to cooperate with an investigation that had not been voted by the House of Representatives.

An eight-page letter signed by White House legal adviser Pat Cipollone, sent to the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party’s chief figure, and the House Intelligence Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the oversight and government reforms. The three committees led the chairman of the impeachment investigation committee.

In the letter, Sibolon wrote: “In short, you are seeking to overthrow the results of the 2016 election and deprive the American people of a freely elected president.”

He said: “The investigation of yours lacks any legitimate constitutional basis. Any fair claims, even the most basic legal procedures are not guaranteed.” He wrote: “President Trump cannot allow his government to participate in this situation. A biased investigation.”

Zhai Luoxi advocated that the impeachment investigation she carried out was constitutional, and there was no need for the House of Representatives to vote at this time, because it is still in the initial stage, which is equivalent to the collection of evidence before the prosecution.

Only the Democrats will vote in the next step. If the majority of the members support the impeachment, the incident will be handed over to the Federal Senate for trial. The current Senate is controlled by Republicans.

The House of Representatives launched an impeachment investigation this time based on a government whistleblower who reported that Trump sought Ukrainian assistance to investigate his Democratic political opponent Joe Biden.

The White House argues that the first three impeachment investigations in the history of the United States against Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton all included a vote in the House of Representatives, arguing that this should serve as a precedent for impeaching Trump.

The Trump administration’s high-ranking officials have a very good opinion on the whistle-blower and said: “The situation should not be the main witness and accuser of an impeachment investigation. The president cannot know the identity and cannot cross-examine.”

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