Traditional Zoro Friendly Relationship

The full text of the personal pen name in the Korean Democratic Shipbuilding section, Traditional Zoro Friendship, which is sublimated and developed, is as follows.

October 12 this year marks the 71st year of diplomatic relations between our country and Rossi Union.

On October 12, 1948, the Soviet Union acknowledged the newly-established Republic of Korea and established diplomatic relations.

This became a sign of great enthusiasm and solidarity for the Korean people who were walking on the first steps of the construction of a new country in the complex situation after liberation.

The long-term relationship between the two countries from the day when Zoro diplomatic relations were established, the cooperation between the two countries was constantly strengthened and developed in the principle of mutual respect, good faith, and mutual benefit, and the friendship between the two peoples became stronger.

The two countries have worked closely with each other to conclude agreements and treaties to further develop friendly cooperation in politics, economy and culture.

The traditional friendship relations between Zoro have been further developed in the new millennium to meet the intentions and needs of the people of both countries.

The Zoro Joint Declaration, adopted in July 2000, became a historic historical instrument that laid a solid foundation for the full development of friendly relations between the two countries to meet the changing realities and needs of the 21st century.

Comrade Kim Jong- il, a great leader who took a deep interest in the development of friendship between the two countries , made an official visit to Rossi Yeonbangbang in August 2001, the first year of the new century, a visit to the Wondong area in 2002, and a visit to the Rossiya caviri and Wondong area in 2011. He made an immortal contribution to strengthening traditional Zoro friendly and ensuring peace and security in Asia and the world.

Today, traditional Zoro friendship is deeply developed in various fields in accordance with full equality and independence, mutual respect and internal interference, reciprocity principles, and goodwill, goodness and coordination.

In April this year, comrade Kim Jong- un , the beloved senior leader , made a formal visit to the Rossiya Union to further develop the friendship between the two countries to meet the needs of the new era and the new situation.

Dear Supreme Leader Kim Jong- un, in his talks with President Putin, said that it was a proper responsibility for the times and history to continue the noble tradition and to raise the ties to the next higher level in line with the demands of the new century. He expressed his resolve to open a new heyday of development.

Mr. Pucchin of Rosya’s president expressed his deepest gratitude for the visit of the respected comrade Kim Jong Un ‘s visit to Rosiya and expressed the firm uphold and will of the Rosiya government to continue the history and traditions of the Rojo Friendship.

By the same time, the first leaders of the two countries have built a good friendship and strengthened the New University of strategic and traditional Zoro friendly.

The beloved senior leader Kim Jong- un ‘s visit to the Rosiya Yanbang of comrades shows the solidity of long and close friendships that have been passed down for centuries and generations, even in the winds of history. It was recorded in the history of unity of Zoro friendly as a great affair that provided an opportunity for a breakthrough transformation to further develop sublimation accordingly.

To build a strong Rosyya at this time is the firm will of the Rosyya government and the people. To this end, Rosyya is actively working to promote social development while encouraging the nation’s defense strength.

Various trainings have been carried out to strengthen the combat strength of troops and soldiers, and new strategic weapon systems are being introduced to reliably guarantee the safety of the nation. Projects to develop the economy and to activate various fields such as physical education, health, literature and arts This is happening with great power. Many achievements have been made in the work to ensure that new generations continue to adhere to the successes of all generations, and to ensure social stability by strengthening the struggle against terrorism.

Today Rossia rejects the polarization on the international stage and aims to be multipolar and is actively working to ensure the peace and security of the region and the world.

We are pleased that our brotherly Rossiya people are making remarkable achievements in the struggle to build a strong and prosperous Rossiya, and to achieve international justice, by overcoming all kinds of challenges. I sincerely hope to be.

The constant development of strategic and traditional friendships at new heights to meet the demands of the new century is a firm and prosperous stand for our party and the government of the Republic.

As in the past, the Republic of Korea will continue to make sincere efforts for the development of goodwill relations in the principle of respect for independence, and with the passage of time, the long history and tradition between the two countries will continue to be inherited.

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