Independence, Korea is a bastion of socialism.

The voice of admiration of the progressive peoples of the world about the socialist Chosun, which is encouraging them to become independent powers and advancing into the path of the subject, is rising day by day.

The Mongolian Subject Research Center Chairman said:

One of the deepest feelings I have visited Chosun many times is that the country’s national power is truly amazing.

Joseon maintains independence in all areas of social life as well as on the international stage.

It is also aggressively restructuring socialism based on self-help.

Indeed, independence is a life not only for people but also for the nation and people, because the Spanish people are fighting against all kinds of exploitation and subjugation and defending independence.

The chairman of the British Military Political Research Association commented:

The most important issue in today’s world is that each nation and nation protects its sovereignty and dignity.

In this respect, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is an example.

The Juche idea clearly shows the way for independence.

The experience of the Juche shipbuilding is invaluable for all nations to learn.

The chairman of the Belarusian Juche Idea Research Association said that the Korean Workers’ Party held high the banner of the Juche idea and remained unaffected by socialism even when socialism was frustrated in many countries.The first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee The course was lauded as the day when the Juche idea was realized.

The secretary of the National Communist Party of India, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), said that the leadership of the Workers’ Party is an eternal immortal Juche idea. He sanctioned sanctions and containment measures and praised him for his brilliant victory in socialist construction.

The Workers ‘Party of Korea has wisely led Joseon as a road of independence and socialism, while the head of the Lebanese Juche Idea Research Institute said that the rigidity of the Korean Workers’ Party and a firm revolutionary ground strongly encourage the struggle of the progressive peoples of the world who seek anti-imperialism. It was.

Even though some countries claiming to be big nations are seeing others on the international stage, whenever they see Joseon as a small country defending his sovereignty and confronting imperialism, Kim Jong- un ‘s bold guts He was enthusiastic about not being able to admire his courage.

Kim Il- Sil Kim Jong-Il Name Chairman of the Permanent Standing Committee of the Friendship Association of the Korean People’s Belarus Mr. Belarus emphasizes that socialism is firmly defended by the great party’s independence politics. (End)

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