The beloved senior leader Kim Jong- un guided the Korean People’s Army’s Fisheries Office on August 25 and the newly built Tongcheon Fish Processing Office

WPK Chairman yisimyeo DPR Prime Committee yisimyeo the DPRK armed forces supreme commander, who is our party and the country, the best Il armed Eun comrades had the Korean People’s Army on August 25 local fisheries offices and tongcheon fish processing establishments newly built He directed.

Comrade Kim Jong-un first visited the Fisheries Business Center on August 25, which is a well-known fishery business center that is always called as the home of the Golden Sea, the home of Danfeng Lake.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot, the newly built fish factory looked after the former fish factory and the Langdong reservoirs.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching-Ji Auto Rep. Praised the efforts of the fisheries workers, fishermen, and family members who are piling up fish treasures this year.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai also pleaded not only to the production, but also to care for the conveniences of fishing workers and to give deep interest to the lives of their families.

Looking back at the Revolutionary History and Culture Office of the Fisheries Office, I have been deeply grateful for the development path that the establishment has carried the banner of the Fisheries Revolution under the party leadership for the past six years.

It is proud that all fishermen and employees wrote the first page of the Golden Maritime Firm. As the main character, he said that we should keep the honor of the assault troops, the pioneer who goes to support our party with higher hunger sound.

The beloved Supreme Master Ching-Jang Auto showed the art performance performance on August 25.

He expressed his gratitude for his deep impression through ideologically and artistically flawless performances, and gave them the utmost grace to invite performers directly to Pyongyang at the end of the year.

The beloved senior leader, Kim Jong- un, also guided the newly built Tongcheon Fish Processing Office.

The People’s Army, which was esteemed by the Word of God’s highest autonomous land, was proud to build and operate a fish processing business with hundreds of tons of rapid processing capacity and thousands of tons of cold storage capacity per day.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot expressed satisfaction as he saw the fish pouring into the Langdong and Processing Plants through the fish unloading facilities and the transport conveyor.

He looked at the machines that were packed in Langdong and the processing plant, saying that it was like seeing only half meat, half machine, fish sea, and machine sea.

The beloved Supreme Residents Auto Shows the fish of every Langdong reservoir, filled with joy, and smiles with joy, struggling to make breakthroughs in improving people’s lives. Where are you glad and happy? This year, farming was a big wind, but fisheries couldn’t hide it.

He said that there was nothing to waste or hesitating for our soldiers’ diets. He said that he would seek all the possible things to improve his life and make the impossible work possible.

The beloved Supreme Autopilot emphasized that the built-up processing base should actually contribute to improving the diet of soldiers.

Comrade Jang Geum-cheol, General Manager of the Korean Workers ‘Party, Comrade Yong-Won Cho, First Deputy Director of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party, Comrade Lee Jung-nam, Comrade Hyunsong, and Hong Young Sung.

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